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eGenesis Appoints Industry Veteran Paul Sekhri
as President and Chief Executive Officer


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Our Mission

We strive to create a world where there is no
shortage of human transplantable organs to save lives


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Our Technology

Novel gene editing approaches and technologies
to solving major unmet medical needs


eGenesis: Engineering Life

eGenesis is revolutionizing the field of transplantation with an unparalleled, multiplexed gene editing platform for the development of human-compatible organs, tissues and cells. Harnessing the latest gene-editing techniques, eGenesis has the capability to solve the global organ crisis by providing an alternative to allotransplantation.

eGenesis is uniquely positioned to reinvigorate the field of xenotransplantation by addressing both the key virology and immunology hurdles that have impeded its advancement to date and provide commercially-viable products to save and enhance the lives of patients in need.

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